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23 Mar 2015

The Legacy of Pak Mie : An Animal Lover

Late Pak Mie with stray dog

I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family of our hero, Pak Mie. Muhammad Azmi Ismail or known as Pak Mie died of a stroke at 11.30pm on 22nd March 2015. Pak Mie and his wife, Mak Intan, were known for their commitment and love towards stray animals include cats and dogs. They run the Pak Mie Animal Shelter in Alor Setar, Kedah and raised more than 1000 stray cats and dogs in their shelter.

I spend my time over Pak Mie's blog. My heart was touched and the story really inspiring. I can imagine on their hardship. Lots of Muslim society there isolate and critics this couple for raising dogs. I cannot brain the fact on why the habit of people who love to judge and critics others. What make you so certain that their actions is prohibited in Islam? Pak Mie and his wife are example of Muslim couple who shows to us that Islam does not prohibit the Muslim to be kind towards animal especially dogs.

Pak Mie had passed away. But I believe his spirit will never dies. We need more animal lovers out there to voice up the right for an animal. No one force us to take care of this animals but our love and humanity will do.Prevent animal from being abused. 

I cry over watching the video of Pak Mie and Mak Intan took care of a paralyzed dog.

Muslim vs dogs
In Islam, Muslim are prohibit to touch the dog. Traditionally, dog have been seen as impure and this lead to Muslims have used this view to justify the abuse and neglect of dogs. But they really forget what Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said narrated by Abdallah bin Amru.

"Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself"

I love to share an opinion by Dr.Ayoub M Bandeker (BVMch), veterinary surgeon.

1. It is NOT haraam to own a dog, though it is not hygienic to keep a dog in the house. 

2. It is NOT haraam to touch a dog or any other animal. If the saliva of a dog touches you or any part of your clothing, then it is required of you to wash the body part touched and the item of clothing touched by the dog’s mouth or snout. 

3. It is incumbent upon all Muslims who own animals, whether for farming or work purposes or as pets, to provide adequate shelter, food, water, and, when needed, veterinary care for their animals. Arrangements must be made, if one is going to be away from home, to have one’s animals taken care of as well. 

4. It is haraam to keep a dog or any other animal on a short lead for long periods without food, water, and shelter. Dogs need exercise and are social creatures who form organized “family” structures in nature. Dog owners therefore need to spend time daily with their dogs. 

5. It is cruel, and therefore haraam, to keep any animal in a cage so small that it cannot behave in a natural way. 

6. Fireworks cause untold suffering to most domestic animals because of their acute sense of hearing. 

7. It is haraam to participate in any blood “sport,” like dog fighting and trophy hunting. 

No animal has been cursed in any way. Animals are referred to in many instances in the Qu’ran. In Surah Kahf, mention is made of the companions of the Cave and their dog. (S18: 18-22)

More reading can be found here http://www.islamicconcern.com/dogs.asp.

I would like to highlight on the point no animal has been cursed in any way. Either pig or dogs. Every animal has been created for a purpose and it is a duty upon every human being to respect  Allah's creation. 

All things “…have been created for you ...” for our benefit (S2:29). It thus becomes our duty to protect, employ with dignity, and promote the well-being of any animal in our care. In this way, we are expressing our thankfulness to Allah (swt) for His blessings in a practical manner. (Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society, Mawlana F.R. Ansari, vol. 2, pp. 125-126) 

Employ the animals with dignity and concern on their benefit. These animal especially the stray did not request you to provide them with fancy food, a large building or surrounding to play and even force you to put the food in their mouth.

Just imagine if you were a stray cats or dogs,
You unable to find food for more than 2 days. You are just hungry little creature. What you ask is only a small piece of food or the leftover from human being to continue your survival. You are not asking them to hug you or buy you new cloth. You do not even ask human to put the food inside a beautiful plate or feed it directly to your mouth. 

 But what human did to stray animals? These animal are being kicked. Some of them paralyzed and hurt due to inhumane action of human being. 

I urge us as human being to be more considerate towards animal.Please stop animal cruelty. If you really find it will be huge responsibility to raised an animal, please not hurting them.

Is that their fault for being an animal?

17 Mar 2015

Preventing Animal Cruelty

My lecturer for Governance and Public Policy module, Kate, once asked us in the class to imagine ourselves as an animal and justify why we want to be that animal?

Her question make me more realize on what I really passionate about in my entire life. Yupp.. I LOVE ANIMALS.

I believe my confession is not enough without the real action I should take to justify on it. For animal lovers out there, I believe this is the time for us to start do something for our fellow friends.

Lately, I did watching lots of videos in Facebook from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Aunty Umairah Fan Club, Kim Stallwood and Best Video You Will See. I can spend my whole day watching and reading their argument on animal right.The more I watch and evaluate their argument, makes me realize on how cruel human can be. These are examples of scenario that intimidating me.

1) Dairy cow abuse

I cried when imagine on how suffer this cow can be. Just to give us milk, look on how bad they been treated. This cow unable to walk properly and the swollen give them pain. Is this a price that you willing to pay to get a glass of milk??

2)Milk come from grieving mother

Do you know what really happen to this calves?They being separated from their mother exactly after they are born.The calves are left to die and their meat are being sold.

My entry doesn't mean to claim that we should stop consume milk. But we should stop continue this cruelty towards this animals. The modern approach of dairy farming using method that inhumane and they should be stop. It should not only concern on making biggest profit but it should be making profit in most ethical manner. I praise the traditional and small scale dairy farmer who concern on their animal right. The mother and calves should not be separated. They did not cause pain to the animal to get their milk. 

I urge everyone to please reconsider on our action. Lets us drink only the milk that we get from ethical way of dairy farm. 

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