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3 Jan 2015

Islamic Perspective on Jihaad

I being called to watch the full movie after watching some part of the movie (video above)
The movie carry lot of message that try to make the viewer think on what is actually happened in the world today.

This is my simple view on the movie.
Its about a group of people originally from Pakistan/Afghanistan plan for several attack in America to show their rebel on what happened to their country. People always view Islam and Muslim as terrorist and these group of people try to explain the reason behind their actions. Their families and friends being killed by the US army during the invasion in Iraq,Afghanistan. They losing their loved one,their belonging and by planning attack in America, they try to make the government and the people of America understand their suffer by doing the same. These people willing to sacrifice their life and use the word "jihaad" to moralize their actions.

I cry a lot after watching this movie. I feel like I understand their suffer and lost. It is easy for us to talk as we are not the one who losing our lost ones. But I do really believe that killing others is not the solution for this problem. And the main point is ISLAM IS NOT ABOUT GIVING CONSENT FOR MUSLIM TO KILL OTHERS IN THE WORD OF JIHAD.

Depend our definition on terrorism. People said the action of Islamic extremist doing suicide bombing, planning the attack on public place is the action of terrorism. And people also said the action of military and army invasion in Islamic state is also the act of terrorism as thousand of innocent people being killed. IN BOTH VIEW, INNOCENT PEOPLE AND CIVILIANS WILL ALWAYS BE THE VICTIM. And why these people should bear the feeling of fear despite of they are not the one who planning to kill others. Innocent people is just ordinary people who run their life thinking about what they will eat for lunch,make their parents and family happy and again these innocent people DO NOT HAVE BAD INTENTION TO OTHERS.

Let me get you on what is the meaning of Jihad in my perspective. Jihad is the Arabic word means struggle. It is a fight to the sake of God which is Allah S.W.T.There are 4 level of Jihad which include Jihad against oneself, Jihad by being vocal, Jihad by using action and lastly Jihad by using sword.

Prophet Muhammad once said after the return from battle
" We have returned from the lesser jihad(going into battle) to the greater jihad(the struggle of the soul)"

From the definition, the struggle of the soul is bigger jihad compared to going into battle. You yourself struggle to commit the best to please Allah by doing what is being asked (solat, hajj, and etc) and leaving anything Allah forbid (include making harm in the world). There is always misconception Muslim themselves in term of only a person that die in war, that person become a martyr.This idea is not 100 percent correct as the truth is ANYONE DOING ANYTHING FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH AND IS KILLED BECOMES A MARTYR. This could be anything such as giving birth or even die in a car crash. You and Allah know your intention best.

Islam is a peace religion. I am not sure either other religion provide the guideline in order for their army to follow during the war. But Islam do have the rule every Muslim army must obey. 8 simple rules:-

1) Do not commit treachery
2)Do not deviate from the right path
3)Do not mutilate dead bodies
4) Do not kill children
5) Do not kill women
6) Do not kill aged man
7) Do not harm or burn trees
8) Do not destroy building

I cannot see the relevant of killing innocent people in these guideline set up by Islamic teaching. Every life is precious and in  the Hereafter,you will be judged for every single action you take.

Muslims are terrorist. My brain again cannot digest on these word. How a specific group of people attack another group of people it is labelled as "hate crime" but when a Muslim open fire on anybody it is quickly regarded as "terrorism". It is unfair to judge terrorism based on the religion just due to certain group of people believe they do what the religion asked (even sometimes they just misunderstood it), bring harm and the entire population being judged. Many political dictators and officials or extremist groups use the name of Islam as a strategy to gain followers and attention when many of their practices totally go against the true basis of Islam.

Similar case happen in in Myanmar. My friend do some research on ethic cleansing happen in Myanmar as they try to cleansing Rohingya ethnic by the Hindu's extremist. I am sure some of you are not even aware on this issue, right? Thousand of Muslim being killed in Myanmar but pity them as no media coverage on them. The world attention is not as big as the 9/11 tragedy. Why? Because they are just Muslims.Oh my, am I being racist now? Please do not misunderstood me. I am  just triggering the facts.

ISLAM PROHIBIT TERRORISM.  There is no where in Islam, whether it be in the Quran or hadith that promote the killing of innocent people.

"Do not fight except in self-defense and even in doing so, do not go beyond defense"
"If they seek peace, then you seek peace"

My fellow readers, believe me that Islam is a way of life. It promote peace and provide guideline to find peace and tranquility in life. I do carry the same feeling with my other Muslim when we often being viewed suspiciously by friends and people from other religion. Sometimes I feel angry and being treated unfair. But believe me, Allah knows the best. Share the love with them and please do not ever spread hate. Educate others on the true Islamic value and try our level best to be a better Muslim.

I seek for forgiveness on behalf my fellow Muslim on our incapability to show the world on the real Islamic teaching. Islam is such a perfect religion and the lack is on our part. Do not give assumption or judgement on the bad action done by some of your Muslims friend as sometimes they do mistake and always even trying to be a better Muslim.

Spread the peace and love,

Zuliana Azwa Zulkifli
Master of Governance and Public Policy
University of Sheffield.

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