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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

7 Jan 2015

Don't Underestimate the power of Doa..

Do you believe in Doa?
Doa is said to be Muslim biggest weapon.
When we want something, we normally will talk to Allah through Doa, in faith that Allah will make it happen for us.
After prayers, we pray to Allah  for good health, wealth and success in life. Everything we told Allah in our Doa.
Maybe Allah will make it happen or maybe not.
But are we still keep our believe and faith in Doa when Allah does not granted our Doa?

The true Muslim believe that Allah will always listen and granted His true followers wishes.
However, are we the true followers of Islam?
For whatever reason, my writing is to make sure all of us keep our believe and faith in Doa..
Even we might not be the best followers but Allah is the most forgiving and knowing.
He knows what best for us

I watch this video few days ago and the message remain in my heart and head which I think I should spread it to my readers

in this video, I mesmerize with the power of Doa.
Just imagine, an hopeless old women that pray to Allah to cure her sick grandson, had nothing in term of money and status to make others prioritize her wish. But she keep faith and make Allah granted her wish. Allah send  the doctor right in front of her door. Masya-Allah.. I cried realizing the power of Allah in making things that impossible in human eye come to real.

I experienced this by myself.
I once did feel hopeless when I was terminated from job, not able to get any suitable job despite my excellent academic achievement, and fighting to get sponsors for my studies abroad which I spend more than 2 years working to get the place.
I once feel like a loser when I do have an excellent man stay by my side in whatever bad situation I faced but I cannot convince my mother to accept him. Lot of sad and bad things happen to me but I keep on pray to Allah. Please Allah, you know the best. Don't test me with anything I cannot bear.

Masya-Allah, Allah is the greatest.
Do you know that I am the most luckiest person on Earth.
Long story but at last I manage to get the sponsors for my studies in UK.
This is the opportunity that I most thank Allah for.
Living in UK show me how great Allah can change your sorrow into your happiness.
I am still  in process to convince my mother. But I not lose hope in the power of Doa

So my readers, keep your believe in Allah
Allah might not granted your wish now. But maybe in future. Or maybe Allah gives you something better.
Never lose hope on Allah.

Maybe you think that you are not as lucky as me
Maybe you envy me
Maybe you think that I am just showing off all my achievement.

But believe me,
You are free to have all of the negative thinking.
But keep your faith in Doa.
Allah will listen. Trust me.

Regards from the one that will never lose hope,

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