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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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5 Aug 2014

Save Gaza : Buycott Barcode Scanner

Thanks to Dr Halina for informative post on her blog
I am one of her fan and follow her blog since Bella was unborn

You can visit her blog for more details..

I did copy some pictures to share to all my readers to show my concern and sympathy to our Muslims at Gaza. 
I do believe that war will never bring goods to the nation and killing innocent people is the biggest crime in the world.

Here I stand and suggest to all my readers to install this application on your smartphone.

This is the fact..
You can make a different..
I am not good in economy but I believe that every supply without demand will not lasts long..
Stop our demand on Israel's product.
Find the substitute or alternative product..

I already practice some example..

MCD turns to MACDE ( at Kelantan we have this)
Milo turns to Vico
Maggi turns to Mee Sedap
Coca-cola/ Pepsi turns to Madura (Malaysian brand)

at first, it might not as good as Israel's product 
but believe me, once you used to this style of habit
you won't find any differences.

 Below is the application I mentioned before..

(it will be on your Playstore)

This is how it works..

Scan the bar code..

The application will detect the product and will inform whether you must avoid the product..

Let's join the campaign and show our concern to our brothers and sisters

Always remember that buying Israel's good is funding apartheid

Look at the bar code

729 is normally code to inform that the product is from Israel

How you can boycott??

Some of us are too obsess and do not realize that they did hurt other's feeling with their stand on boycott.
You cannot force other people
But don't be pressure if other people is not having the same thought with yours
Your action/ reaction on their believe will a little bit give influence on their next action.

Don't push others.
But I believe the advice from Afdlin Shauki can be your best guidelines..



Feel happy with your contribution even it is just a bit
Even you do the boycott in SILENT

It is much better than others who keep complaining but not strong enough to boycott

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