Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

3 Aug 2014

My best friend's wedding : Kechik & Aswad..

She is my best friend ever since my degree studies at UiTM Merbok Kedah..
She is my partner in most assignment, research and others..
We eat, laugh, play and even sleep together.
I will miss all of this moment as I know the time will never turning back as she is now someone else wife.

She meet him since her high school study
He is funny guy and always patient in her attitude 
He wait for her to change from tomboy to now a beautiful lady.
And now he is her husband..

They got married on 25th July 2014 ( if i not mistaken) and the reception is on 30th July 2014
I am totally happy and always wishing for your happiness Hafizah and Aswad.
May Allah bless your wedding with smart kids and happiness 

FIzah, me and Hafifi.

Adylia, Fizah, Ekin and Ekin's Nephew

Me with Ekin

With my another bestie that having weird sickness: camera addiction

She starts her action now...

Looking for single guy with bachelor background of studies. North people is more better..

we are classmates : Isfa, Adylia, Aswad, Kechik, Me and Orked

She's next..
Me: Alhamdulillah

We gonna make this as our cake

Me, Orked and Kak Ju

Out of wedding topic,
We also celebrate Adylia's mother birthday that night..

She is very sporting auntie 
I gonna miss this family

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