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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

23 Jun 2014

Am I Lucky vs Rama-rama putih

I admit that I am not type of person that can just stay at home..
I am not an indoor person..
I am little bit depressed when stay at home for long time.. seriously..i did..

one of my friend told me that she wish she can exchange her life with my life..
I am astonish..
me? really?
Swap with me?

She claim that I am lucky girl.
I have no debt and obedient boyfie (HAHAHA)
For this time being,I  just need to stay at home

I can wake up at any time I wish
I can just ignore any housework if I am lazy
I have a car and can drive wherever I want to go
I can claim money from my mum for shopping 

Yet... I am still not suit with this lifestyle.

Back to the story.. and let change the language to MALAY..

Dah 2 kali aku terserempak dengan rama-rama putih masuk bilik
Aku cuba mencari makna disebalik kejadian ni
Ada yang cakap ini rezeki 
Ada yang cakap itu petanda kematian..


yer. aku juga banyak kali dapat mimpi berkaitan kematian..
Aku bingung.aku pelik..

Tiada siapa yang lebih mengetahui hal ini melainkan Allah S.W.T

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