Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

22 Apr 2014

Boosyuk Pun Reti Merajuk

I moved to KL since 19th April 2014 (yeah..one day after my birthday)
As I was being terminated by GMC, I guess KL will provide me more opportunities than my hometown..


This morning, I got a call from my mother..

"Mama: Kakak, kucing awak buat hal.."
"Me: Hah??? Kenapa??"
"Mama: Kat atas katil awak je 3 tempat dia berak.Tisu2 awak habis dia cakar,oh yer..I guess your birthday give from Emy dah pecah (Emy gave me wishing jar on my birthday".."
"Me: What??Dia tak pernah berak time I dekat rumah"
"Mama: I took picture to prove you. I won't clean your room"
"Me:Won't clean my room?? OMG..U gonna let that "taik" be on my bed for months??"
"Mama: Well, that's your beloved cat meragam"...

Hmmmm i'm totally sad for this news..
Boosyuk memang tak pernah buat perangai macam tu masa I dekat rumah..

I guess dia memang nak protes..

Boosyuk memang x suka mummy datang KL ke??

I miss you...Boosyuk....(crying!!)

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