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meine Freunde

24 Feb 2014

The University of Sheffield or King's College London??

As usual, again and again i need to choose
And this time regarding my study..

I got 2 offer both from United Kingdom which are :-

King's College London and The University of Sheffield..

FYI, I am kind of depressed and sad as after one year deferring the offer, I did not achieve the IELTS target for King's College London and as a result, I need to re-take as now my offer at King's College London is still CONDITIONAL offer letter.

For cost for you to sit for an IELTS examination is RM610++..
++ means you need to spend more if you cannot take the test at your hometown. 
As in my case, i need to take the test at Penang as IELTS is not provided at Kelantan.

King's College London give me 2 option:-
1) Re-take the IELTS and achieve minimum band 7 in every section or
2) Attend the pre-sessional English courses at London with the cost around RM20k.

I can't believe thus gonna happen after 1 years of waiting and preparation being made.
Some people said, NO LUCK..

And I am quite happy with the offer from University of Sheffield as after 2 weeks send the application, my application was accepted and it is UNCONDITIONAL

In term of rankings, King's College is much more better than University of Sheffield 
But in my case, I think i should consider which application will wins the heart of my sponsor.

FYI, the sponsoring body like MARA, JPA and many others mostly will only consider the UNCONDITIONAL offer letter and they will not bear any cost for CONDITIONAL letter applicant.

If you were at my shoes, which application will you choose?


  1. Salam, akak.
    Nak tanya, untuk King's College bahagian school leaving cert tuh akak isi apa?
    Then brapa lama King's College amik masa untuk reply dapat@x?

  2. Wslm Nad..
    Sory lambat reply.. Tak perasan ur msj. Dah ingat2 lupa macam mana isi borang King's ni.hhehe.

    Rasanya School leaving certificate tu I list all of my education background,,

    King's College respond memang cepat and tangkas DIk..

    My case not more than 2 weeks pun..:)

  3. Hai, nak tanya, awak sambung pengajian dapat loan MARA ke? :)


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