Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

27 Jan 2014

The age of marry?

Sometimes I keep wondering on what is the ideal age for you to get married?

Most of my friends and colleagues are married now..

Congrats Isfahani Ishak and Zul..
I do attend their wedding at Dewan Ukir Mall, Alor Setar Kedah on 25th January 2014

Noor Edayu Yusoff and Sumaiyah Noraslam are married too...

Happy for you guys..

Be  a good wife and take good care of your husband..

Note: When is my wedding day?

My first King's College London event on 12th February 2014

I got the invitation  personally via email and damply excited to join..

 I did sent an email to Professor David and  guess what......

He did reply..

SOooooooo Excited..:)

It's Party Time..;)

Bulan Januari ni sememangnya bulan yang bermakna buat staff GMC kerana inilah tahun pertama kami dapat meraikan 3 staff sekaligus (staff pun ada 6 orang je..:P)
Bos dilahirkan pada bulan Mac namun mengikut kalendar islam, dia dilahirkan pada 12 Rabiul Awal 
12 RabiulAwal = 14 Januari 2014
Abg Rustam plak 15 Januari 2014 dan my beloved Kak Ainie 22 Januari 2014

So, i planned a surprise for them..
Together with Pijie and Kudek..

Birthday cake for Kak Ainie..:

Actually anak kak Ainie yg sangat excited tgk kek tu..

Missing one more candle on the cake.

Our happy family at GMC

Event diatas disambut pada 22 Januari 2014 
Means 2nd celebration for Kak Ainie..

We did the earlier celebration on 13th January 2014
For Kak Ainie, Abg Rustam and boss..
Me with Raja Salawati..

One day before the event, i did "destroy" the cupcake due to my careless driving..:P

It's ballon time..;)

The new and edited cupcakes

Thanks to Kedai Kek dan Roti Ummi, Kok Lanas for the help

Happy birthday everyone...

May have a blast birthday ever..

"You know you are getting  old when the candles cost more than the cake"

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