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3 Dec 2013

Can you ever be friends with your ex from my perspective

After keep having bad dream and feels like he's around me, amazingly, I met my first ex yesterday.
Trust me...Nothing happens..
It was just unplanned meeting and we say hi..

I share this opinion to understands more about guy
Actually, it is not easy to trigger what actually in their minds
As I told my MR.OKU, on the meeting (which I thought he might get jealous)
Despite, he even told me that I was rude for not take more time to talk with my ex..

What??? on what reason I must stay..
And on what reason he did not get jealous
And more even weird, on what reason my ex treat me like a stranger?

I try to be nice to him as he is related to my MR.OKU and he's even one of my friend before we break up.
As the time pass, we have our own partner, hence I don't even think it was a problem to make friends.

I found an article on MEN believe that they SHOULD NOT BE  friends with their ex ( I guess my ex even thinks so)

1)  COMFORT Zone
 It's never easy to break up with someone you've shared good times with (and even if they were bad times, they were still times).
But the person who does the breaking up feels like less of a bad guy by offering that sense of truce: "It's not you, it's me. We can still be friends." This peace offering of friendship provides the dumper with the solace of knowing they aren't such a horrible person because they still want to be friends with their ex.

2) I've created a monster:

Not only does it give the dumper the comfort of knowing they aren't monsters, but by wanting to remain friends, it also allows the dumper to feel that their former lover will still be in their life, and they won't have to miss having them around.So now the dumper can move on with their life with ease, and with the pleasure of having coffee with their former mate every so often. The person who got dumped, however, has the pleasure of being constantly reminded of the person who ripped out their heart when they receive friendly messages and e-mail.

3) You've seen each other naked

As hard as it is to accept, it's difficult to bring a relationship back to its normal state after having been intimate with someone. You will always have an image of that person naked, and memories of the trysts will always be triggered by the smell of her skin or perfume, or even by hearing a song that you once made passionate love to.And as thick-skinned as you are, it's hard to see the person in the same light after being entangled in each other's skin and sharing a moment of sheer ecstasy with one another.
4)You can't confide in each other
As hard as two exes try to stay friends, they can never really confide in each other. How do you tell your ex that you have a hot date tonight or that you and your new lover are going away on a steamy getaway? You can't even tell your ex that the reason you're smiling so much is because a woman has just pleasured you like never before. You can tell her these things, but new lovers and mates are always going to be a sensitive issue. It's even harder to tell her how hurt you were that your date stood you up the other night, thanks to your sense of pride.
Remaining friends seems to provide us with the security blanket that the person who has been in our life will still be there, and we can call on them every once in a while to find out how they are, however, we'll never actually know how they really are.

5) There will always be one-sided bitterness

Since breakups are rarely one-sided, one party will always feel resentment or bitterness toward the other. Even if your ex is feigning friendship, she's not sincerely your friend. If it seems like plans with your new potential woman are always being sabotaged, they just might be.

6)Jealousy comes into play

And where there's bitterness, there's jealousy. And the truth of the matter is that it's hard to be sincerely happy for your ex when she's just found the new love of her life.

7)You don't want them with anyone else

It's human nature to be jealous or resentful when our ex finds a new person to cuddle up to, even if our feelings have somewhat faded. It becomes a race of who will find the new lover first, a challenge especially brought on by the person who was dumped. Even for the person who did the breaking up, the thought of someone else taking your place in the memories that you and your ex shared is hard, and sometimes extremely painful to fathom.

8)Passion still exists

Even if your relationship was completely problem-ridden, chances are that the passion and sexual chemistry between the two of you still exists (unless lack of attraction was the reason for your breakup). This is a recipe for disaster because it means that every time you get together under this new "friendship" premise, the lust and passion you have makes it more likely that you'll end up in "one more" night of unbridled "goodbye" sex, for old times' sake. This brings you right back to square one — how you felt right after your breakup, and just when you were doing so well.

I do admit that it was hard to make your ex to be your friends
But all of the argument above shows that you do not accept the fact that your relationship already end
And you even cannot forgive and forget the past that you have with your ex
Surely, it is hard to forget
But we can treat is as one of the lesson in life
However, life must go on
Get a new life and stay happy
That's the purpose of life


this post doesn't mean that I really want to be friends with my ex. It was just a thought where I'd love to share to make my readers understand that everything is on Allah to plan. We should not regret on what Allah had give to us. Just keep positive to Allah's plan and Be Happy..

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