Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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26 Nov 2013

1st year anniversary, Golden Minds

26th November 2013..
I'm reaching my first year anniversary with Golden Minds Consultant

i am so glad with this achievement
Hoping for more years to come and we can still stick together..

It was still fresh in my mind,the first day i am here
I was all awkward but I can adapt if fast with welcoming treat from the staff

In my resume, i had lots of jobs and I always will create excuse to try another jobs after getting my first salary at that place.

it is different with Golden Minds Consultant..
I faced my 12 month smoothly and i really love it..

Dear GMC staffs, thanks for such memorable experience together in this 1 years time..
Hope we can make it more in future..

Thanks for the trip to Acheh..
It is my first trip abroad
And I feel so grateful for this opportunity given when I am with Golden Minds Consultant.

#I treat it as my anniversary gift from the company..:)

Thank you Golden Minds Consultant....I love You..

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