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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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22 Apr 2013

My 23rd Birthday Celebration


Means I officially turn into 23 years old..
OMG time run so fasttt..
Just feel like I was a high school student..

Thanks for those who celebrating my birthday.
All the wishes, doa and present.
I totally appreciate it..

The staffs at Golden Minds Consultant..
Abang Raja, Abang Rustam, Hafizi, Faez and Kak Aini.. 
What a cute cake and present from them..

Not to forget my beloved cousin..
Kak Su.
I pray for your jodoh in future..
Thanks for the body lotion, pizza and ikan bakar.

Not to forget my MR. OKU
Thanks for the cute cake, bear, and all other present.
I am totally happy with all the surprise even we get surprise meeting my first love while dating..:P
Been caught!!

What a surprise.. An angry birds cake for 23 years old girl..;P

I love the present from my boss..:)

And I was lucky to have such a great and sporting boss..

Thanks Golden Minds Consultant Staff for the birthday celebration

Birthday wish from kak Ainie.. I love the wish " Semoga Cepat Kawen"..

From kak Ainie and Boss

Very deep meaning card from my boss..

 " everyone that show up in your life is for a reason. Thanks for be with me"

OK.. that kindergarten handwriting belongs to my MR OKU

I guess he copy the words from somewhere. Am I right, hubby??

Thanks for the present MR OKU

Again... cakes for children for my 23rd birrthday

My beloved cousin, Kaksu..

She celebrate my birthday at Pizza Hut..hmmm where am i going to give her surprise on June? Any suggestion?

I totally adore the squid..

Must include this pic.. the place we been caught by my first love. But it's ok... He's my ex already..

Birthday wish:-
* I will pursue my Master in Anthropology at Brunel University..Insyaallah. currently looking for supervisor and guidance from Sir Eric..;)
*Hence, i will pursue my master first before getting married.. I guess it is better as I will give enough time for MR OKU to look for a stable job. 
*Insyallah if i'm able to pursue my master, I will engaged before fly. U better get ready MR.OKU. and i promise i will expose his identity after engagement
*So, I will not getting married in this nearby time..

Please pray for me as we can plan anything,
Only Allah is the best planner for us.

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