Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

27 Feb 2013

July... Time for Germany

Wawa dapat surat ni dari spraachen.org..

Hahahhaa actually takde lah paham mana..Terbaik!!

Actually, this is an offer to learn German language at University of Aachen, Germany..
Period is for 1 month and the payment cost me about 840 Euro which equal to RM 3403.20.

Hmmm the payment is for registration, hostel and the course fee.

So, Wawa still kena fikirkan Flight and my food there...

$1299.90 equal to RM 4029.82 untuk pergi balik..

But from Dusseldorf Airport, i meed to take train to Aachen..

Hmmm jom usha apa menarik di Aachen ni?

Aachen ni dikenali dengan nama SPA TOWN and CLOSEST GERMAN CITY  TO BRITAIN

Wah besttttttttttt   


Overall we need RM 4029.82+ RM 3402.30 = RM 7432.12

campur makan sume adalah dalam 10k untuk sebulan belajar language di German..

Sape nak sponsor???

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