Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

3 Jan 2013

The first and the last.. Insyaallah

He is not my first love but he is the first one who teach me how a man can become so patient when he is in love.
He never knew the whole story of my life but he become the first man who give me surprise without request (sadis sangat bila ingat waktu zaman hingusan, mintak org bg surprise..then buat2 terkejut)
Insyaallah. he will be the last..

I am so sorry for being rude
Sorry for always make u sad
and sorry for always make u cry

i know sometimes you cry due to the heart broken
sick with my attitude and ignorance
deep inside my heart, i never mean to make you cry.

I just want to know,
how hard i scold you,
how bad my attitude to you...

 I will always love you.


and so many thanks for make my day.
for the surprise i never expected
for the "tipu sunat" to make me happy ( even I will scold you when you tell me the truth)

Happy becoming 8 month anniversary

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