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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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1 Nov 2012

Giosis Gmarket

Long time for not updating news and share opinion with you guys
So sorry to all the readers
I know you waiting for the update
But currently I'm busy with my "real life..not "maya" life anymore.
But still I miss my blog and all the readers..
Currently I'm working at Giosis Gmarket in Petaling Jaya 8
The office is just near Lebuhraya Persekutuan and close to PJ Hilton
It is a online shopping company
and to know more,
You can go to Yahoo>Shopping>Qoo10
Previously the name is Gmarket but currently changed to Qoo10
I just a Customer Service Representative
Handling incall and email inquiries from all the callers around the world
Most part is Singapore
But we also did received call from Indonesia, Korea,Japan,China and Malaysia.
Totally international
and sometimes I feel ackward with the environment
only 3 staff are Malays and others are Korean, Chinese, Indian and etc (ok, not being racist)
But the management is great
We are just like friends and always have fun
The boss, Ray :Lee is like crazy
So sporting and funny guy
He cooks for us
Play with us
and evern wear costume for Halloween Party
It is a challenging job
Handling call is just like simple and sometimes hard to understand what people want
Customers are keep screaming, shouting, send email with capital letter and make you stresss
But it is just part of life.
Keep cool and relax.
I just wish to know the result of my PTD soon
i miss my relax life where i can go everywhere during weekend and spending time with loves one
A few picture to share on my working place
My first day,15/10/2012 is Ray's birthday
Sharon, Claire and Adeline
Ray and Chris.

For latest event which is Halloween party,
you can click this link.

This Halloween Party

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