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meine Freunde

11 Oct 2012

Saya Stewardess Ok!!

I was chosen to attend the interview to work as Stewardess  or Cabin Crew
At the first sight, I was wondering why I was being chosen as I'm wearing the hijab
and they even look at my resume
but this is the fact
I managed to stay up to the final round where it consist of 5 stages

1: Registration
2:Height and weight measurement
3: Catwalk
4: Announcement and Written Assessment
5: Final Interview

As usual, the panel keep asking me whether I am willing to take off my hijab if I were selected.
That argument keep me debating with them and makes me the candidates that cause others to wait for a long time..
They did ask me whether I am wearing hijab due to the request from my partner?
I answered them as Hijab is not an option, it is my responsibility and my principles as a Muslim

I did arguing that why society are keep skeptical where the stewardess must be someone  that are slim, beautiful, not wearing hijab and etc..
As for my for my opinion, hijab or not is not important, as long as the passengers are comfortable with the services and the cabin crew know how to handle the safety, hygiene and do and don't in the flight, the journey will be great
Why hijab need to be an issue??

Unfortunately, the company asks us to pay RM50 if we wish to know the result and another RM 7000 for training purposes. The money will be refundable if you are not get any job after 3 month..

Hence, I decided to just out from that place without paying anything
It's kinda frustrating to know that you unable to get your result as you refuse to pay
I just wanna know the result and I don't mind if I am not selected.

my 1 Malaysia friends..Phebie, Nancy and Iz..

I still can't accept the facts that I need to pay to know the result....:(

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