Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

26 Sep 2012

Patience Will Be Rewarded

Through my over pressure and boring life,
Sometimes I just wish that I not holding all those responsibilities
Nobody to talk, when everyday is just spending by lying on the bed

Sometimes, I wish I'm not the eldest in the family
Hearing the lecture from mum,and complaint from brothers, where it hurts me enough

Sometimes I wish I could help others go out from this sorrow life
But everything is not always as good as we plan

I need the new environment
I need to walk and go ahead
I need you always be by my side

Can I make those request??

I really miss those feet..
Can't wait to see u...

Thanks for always be with me,
no matter in pain,sorrow and always patience with my mood swing
I really in love with your patience
Insyaallah the patience will be rewarded..

because everyday,
you make my love bigger and infinity...

I miss you

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