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meine Freunde

6 Jun 2012

I Love Kids....

Lately I feel like I do love kids..
Yeah..Its kinda weird actually coz previously I'm not much care about children
I tend to just ignore them due to fed up with their attitudes like poke others, crying and etc.
BUTTTTTT currently it change..
I found myself now more patient..
Handling them with care and starting to love them..

I just hold him for  a while and he slept..

Oh please...i do really need the good kids like HAsif..(budak ni baik..tak meragam..ngan sape2 pun)

Ops I guess all the pics are with the same kids..
Actually I do really2 love this kids.
He is my cousin's son, Wan Hasif Syahmi..

Not only Hasif, but actually lots of other kids..
This is Nik Danish Farhad

Despite of a very handsome kids...this kids is really naughty and always make me laugh..
Guess what the words that he always said to me..

"Cik Wa, Jom Makan Pizza"..

Am I look like a pizza lover??
When I said that I'm out of money
He will give me all his money even the money is just coins..
What a funny kids..

And one more kid that I love to introduce to you...

Her name is Aishah..
I meet her when I spend my holidays working at Penang 
At that time, I stay with my bestie, Dayah..
Aishah is very cute kids.
Just look at her when using those bag
Actually the bag is my present to her 
She really love it and wear it on the spot
She keep asking her mum to send her to school
What a clever kids.

Hmmmm am I really adore the kids or just choosy to cute kids only.
Maybe it's a sign to be a good mother..


Just pray for me guys..

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