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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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12 Apr 2012

Palm reading online..

with the latest technology.
Currently u can only sit in front of your laptop for palm reading..
this is what i do..

and here it is..

This palm reading is for your left hand, your minor hand. Your left hand tells the potential you were born with, and your right hand tells what you have done with it. Therefore, this reading will tell you the potential that lies within you.

You have a Fire hand. This is known as the instinctive hand. You are creative and imaginative. You surround yourself with people, more comfortable in groups than alone. You are generally unafraid to take risks. You launch yourself enthusiastically into all your endeavors, driven by your passionate nature.
You have a very unadaptable nature. Your inflexibility has left you with few life path options. You have to work harder than most to adjust to new situations. You have difficulty dealing with change, and you are fairly set in your ways.
You relish luxury, enjoying the finer things life has to offer. You are highly sensual and social. You must be careful as you may be prone to addiction and overindulgence.
You relish luxury, enjoying the finer things life has to offer. You are highly sensual and social. You must be careful as you may be prone to addiction and overindulgence.
Your hand color indicates poor circulation. It can also indicate a reserved nature and possibly conceit or vanity.
You can be unpredictable.  Most of the time, you are methodically minded, but occasionally you will make decisions based solely upon emotion and passion.
You are a fairly straight forward person. You don't typically worry too much, though you may occasionally be prone to bouts of stress and need to be careful not to keep things bottled up, only to explode later.

You are a natural born leader, with a strong force of will. You can be very stubborn, even overbearing. You should be aware of your tendency toward being cocky and arrogant.
You have an inflexible nature. You have a tendency to be very firm and uncompromising. It's generally your way or the highway.
You are a well rounded and sound thinker, possessing a healthy symmetry between emotion and reason, typically thinking before making a decision.
You are sometimes driven to act through emotional impulse. You may also be inclined to occasional carelessness. Be careful of this in your daily life.
Your ego is driven by your thoughtful and pensive nature. You tend to act more out of logic and reason than emotion in your dealings.

You have experienced major changes in your lifestyle, health or well being. These could be a change of business, relocation, a new business or career, or a marriage.
You possess a strong vitality. You are a vibrant, energetic person. You will live a full, eventful life. You have a high likelihood of success and wealth.
You have a fairly reserved nature and a general lack of self-reliance.  Most likely, there was a strong family influence in your childhood. You may have to deal with a fear of commitment.
You bloomed or are blooming later in life than most of your peers. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Embrace the new self you are discovering.
The lines across your Life Line are your lines of influence. They show the people and the experiences that have influenced your life. These include good and bad experiences.

You have strong mental energy. You have a strong intellect. You are an intense and rational thinker. You are a clever person with a well organized thought process.
You have a very positive outlook on life. You are a very logical thinker and a curious person. You are aware of your surroundings and are quite perceptive. You grasp concepts well. You are a highly detail oriented person. You need to be aware of your tendency to go off on tangents, losing your original train of thought.
Your practicality outweighs your imagination. You are a business minded individual with materialistic tendencies.
You are a late bloomer. You are very independent. You  care little about what others think of you, forging your own unconstrained path in this world.
The lines on your Head Lines indicate outside influence. They can be caused by mental blocks, stress or worry. You may have difficulty with concentration.
Your broken Heart Line is probably a sign of your emotional immaturity. You are unready to commit to a relationship and have a need for constant change to keep your attention.
You are not the romantic type. You have to work harder to open yourself up in relationships. You are most likely a selfish lover.
Women with a downward curving Heart Line usually lean towards tomboy characteristics, often considered 'one of the guys.' Men with a downward curving Heart Line will embrace their feminine characteristics. They are generally more in touch with their emotions and good communicators.
You have had a normal, healthy emotional development from a young age. You are a well balanced individual in your relationships, capable of accepting love and expressing and demonstrating your emotions.

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