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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

9 Apr 2012

It is fair

Sometimes I was wondering why there are lots of question arise in my head?
I love to watch the channel that will make my brain work ke IniAnwarHadi, Matlutfi, Maria Elena and others.
I keep arguing and debating on why the world become like this..
No one come and give me the answers and sometimes the question will just stick in my mind..

but i decided to share it to the world
it is more on humanities and i does not means to interrupt any political element
 hence dear my beloved reader,,
please never misunderstood my thought..


Why people that sell drug will punish with death sentence while the rapist always the worst punishment is imprisonment?
the drug trafficker does not force people to take or used the drug right?
he sell it to those that are aware..
the people who conscious and they aware on the side effect of the drug..
they choose to die..but why the drug trafficker will punish with death sentence..
sometimes, people does not choose to be drug trafficker, 
they being sabotaj..they being forced..
but the rapist?
rapist do rape women without their consent and sometimes kill the women
they leave the trauma to the women till the end of their life
they kill someone without the victim consent
but why they only get to be imprisonment?

why the world always keep busy thinking about the artist..
Who they date to? Where is their house?
Why don't the world keep concern on why people in Palestine or Syria get killed?
why people does not care bout them?
is that due to they are not your siblings???your kids??
doesn't we share the same world?

I better get stop before lot of why questions keep arising in my head..

note: Do share your opinions..feel free to read and respond..

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