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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

5 Oct 2011

thank you AMI..

sape plak AMI ni..pakwe baru ke???
hah jangan nk gosip2..
AMI is stand for Association Malaysian in Italy...

Thanks a lots for giving me some ideas to survive in MILAN..

  • Linda Scot likes this.
    • Linda Scot Congratulations! Go for it Girl malaysia boleh ;)
      4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Zuliana Azwa thanks Linda Scot...But right now i'm having problem with sponsorship..i need to make sure my safety there as i'm alone there..
      42 minutes ago · 
    • Anna Yasmin what's the problem...what kind of security/safety issues are u worried about ?
      34 minutes ago · 
    • Zuliana Azwa i'll be there for 5 weeks doing my practical training with Novi New Ltd located in Milan.i'm not sure wheter this company got link with Malaysian Embassy or etc. in case anything happen, is there any help for Malaysian there as i don't have any basic in Italian language..and i'm sure problem in communication is quite big issue here..
      25 minutes ago · 
    • Anna Yasmin 
      make friends here..lots of nice people..Linda Bern..Ines...they're kind people..and if ure the independent sort...u can try to learn things slowly...Milan is okay. No need to talk so much to strangers..people at work u can trust to get info abt what/wear u can get things..but the Malaysians there are lovely enough to help u out when u need help. the embassy is in Rome. but sure u can call them if u need help. U need a dictionary. Get an iphone automatic translator on google helps and also google map. Senang nak jalan mana2 tgk map. Ni my personal experience and experience with my fellow malaysian frens while i was there...
      18 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Zuliana Azwa luckily i found this group..many people give me negative side of doing practical at Milan and they totally freak me out..how's ur food?where u are going to stay?will they discriminate you coz wearing tudung,u're girl alone there..many others..huhu..how can i keep in touch with Malaysian there?maybe we can hang out together sometimes..hehe.=)
      13 minutes ago · 
    • Anna Yasmin 
      start PMing them.... So okay, if they do discriminate..then ? what are u going to do about it ? people get discriminated everywhere in the world. People with tudung overseas. people without tudung in our own country. its a none issue for me. u must be proud and be brave that is all and enjoy ure time there. food - if u cant find halal food, tapau la from home, there are eggs, fish, veggies that u can cook yourself at home n bring to work or tell them u cant/allergic to eating pork. try not to worry so much and equip ureself with some survival attitude..and of course bawak la maggi banyak2
      7 minutes ago · 
    • Zuliana Azwa hahhahah love those maggi..thanks Anna Yasmin..first thing to do now is getting the sponsors then i'll join Italian language class..still got time as i'll be there on January 2012..right now i try to get some view regarding this oppurtunities..make friends to get social support there..u guys awesome...=)
      3 minutes ago · 
    • Anna Yasmin most welcome enjoy Milan :)
      2 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

saya semakin bersemangat dan tak takut dah..=)


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