Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

28 Oct 2011

Starting my buzy schedule

start to list all my activities for next week..

sunday-810 am is public finance class,10-12 am is malaysian economy class, 12-2 pm i have talk,after that is meeting for activities proposal
monday-8-10 am is my project management class (*still not finish that dummy exercises),10-4 pm is my research class(* summary of article),4-6 pm is again meeting with MT BASIC
tuesday-8.10 am is public finance class (*presentation),10-12 is again project management..6pm is AGM BASIC..that night i will having my german class..
wednesday-8-10 am is urban sociology class (*group assignment urban), i have Malaysian Economy test at 8-10 pm on wednesday(damply afraid.)
thursday-8.10 am is urban sociology class (TEST URBAN), 12-2 is BEL QUIZ and 2-4 is my malaysian economy class (*submission of assignment)

What a buzy schedule before my mid-term break..
damply afraid with all those test and quiz
rasa mcm tak paham pape blaja dari awal sem hingga sekarang (sound scary)

go working now Wawa!!!!

note:too much focus on my practical training in Italy, Trip on 18 November make me less attention towards my studies..oh Allah.please, help me to handle all of this..


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