Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

7 Oct 2011

Reminders to all men..

Kelas ganti bagi subjek Urban Sociology hari ni sangat2 bermakna..
i really excited to share this great experience..

we watch this movie..
and the movie is inspired by a true story

dah lama x tgk cerita sampai rasa berkobar2 and nangis2..
totally great story

the story about a single mother named Josey who fight for the right and justice to all the woman
she fight against "sexual harrasment"
where mens keep discrimating the woman as at the workplace woman is minority group
they treat woman as the symbol of sex
no sense of respect towards the womans..

Josey faced lots of difficulties to bring her right
i personally said that she's totally brave girl (dreamed to be like her)
and at last all her hard work are paid..


dear all men..
at the time you put us into the circumstance as we're just a weak creature,symbol of sex..
doesn't you realize that without the woman..
we are your mothers,sisters, daughters and friends...

do you really happy to see us being sexually abused??

Do love your woman...
do respect the woman..


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