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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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23 Sep 2011

Persidangan Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

Wawa, Shalik dan Aiman mewakili UITM KEDAH untuk persidangan ni..

ni sedikit info yg Wawa petik dari website MQA 

The Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) is Malaysia’s declaration about its qualifications and their quality in relation to its education system.

MQF is an instrument that develops and classifies qualifications based on a set of criteria that are approved nationally and benchmarked against international best practices, and which clarifies the earned academic levels, learning outcomes of study areas and credit system based on student academic load. These criteria are accepted and used for all qualifications awarded by recognised higher education providers. Hence, MQF integrates with and links all national qualifications.

What i want to share is...

1) In order to make yourselves valuable and marketable after graduate, one of the best initiative is to WORK..
(Kepada mahasiswa/mahasiswi kat luar sana, tolong la kutip banyak2 pengalaman kerja expecially time cuti...)

2) MQA practise style of leadership like what being suggest by OPRAH..
i will not follow you as i don't need you..i also will not be infront of you as you doesn't need me...but we will wake side by side..

3) people usually have view that leadership is hierachical things,..but i do believe in what i heard today as for me KEPIMPINAN BUKAN SEMESTINYA SEBEGITU..KITA BERJALAN SEIRING..SEBELAH MENYEBELAH..that's much more effective style of leadership as everyone is a leaner..

Wawa dan Shalik ada suggestkan 3 point untuk mantapkan qualiti ipta/ipts
1)pengalaman bekerja amat penting sebelum tamat pengajian
2)kesedaran dalaman penting bagi membentuk etika pelajar
3)galakkan pengantarabangsaan..

Thanks MQA  untuk payung, baju XXXL ngan goodie bag...

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