Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

24 Jun 2011


memandangkan wawa skrg sedang mencari keje..
so agak banyak la tmpt yg wawa pergi untuk mendapatkan kerja
merata wawa berjalan..
but most all give me such a great experience..

1)interview with x-treme dimension at kl central was the most superb..i was interview by marcus.my manager mr.shahril was also awesome..the job is as a customer service and we will help MAKNA in getting donation. i totally love this job because we do this in the name of charity.for every donation we get, the average payment is RM50 and it will be paid every week..the morning meeting was also awesome..they have video conference with other region of APPCO around the world and they did motivate the employees by giving them acknowledge for their success of getting people the previous day.but the bad side is too hard to find donor..most malaysian think that when people stop them at lrt station or others, that people want to sell PRODUCT..but for us..WE PROMOTE CHARITY(consider to do this job in part time..because no basic payment and I TOTALLY NEED MONEY!!)

2)interview with Capital Mega Solution is near lrt station jalan Chan Sow Lin..this place is totally far from my place and the payment for basic is 800.no transport claim. from segambut station i need to go to KL central where it cost rm1..kl central to masjid jamek is rm1.70 then masjid jamek to chan sow lin is rm1.30..totally lots of budget to be spend on transport.i also have to walk quite far to reach their place.the good is the interviewer is DAMP COOL AND AWESOME...credit to you Xinnie..she totally adorable and caring..but sorry i can't work for you..

3) the third is at SUSHI KING MID VALLEY as SERVICE CREW..basis is 900..the interviewer is also cool..this guy named HAMIN and really damp patient melayan karenah "kerek" wawa..he ask me to start the next day but i give him thousand of excuse.. i said that i don't have money to buy the black shoes, white t-shirt and white tudung..he give me chance to start working any day as i like..ahahhah.see wawa is damp "kerek"..belum masuk keje dah mengada2..komen macam2..SHOULD  I CHOOSE THIS JOB??

4)the last is totally bullshit..interview at a legal firm..firstly wawa memang excited giler ar sebab wawa memang dulu bercita2 nk jadi lawyer.tp memandangkan masalah transport.wawa tolak tawaran tu..he keep calling me and ask me to come for interview..and i give him again thousand of excuse..i said that i have no money for a taxi and he ask me to take bus..that time is already 6.00 p.m and he still insist me to come.i  told him that i need to take a taxi and i will claim from him.he said ok..the taxi fee costed rm15..and too damp hard to find his place as i'm not familiar with that area..he just offer me 800 and i said i'm not interested.yes i admit if taking bus is cost me 4.00 everyday to reach his place.but i cannot work with him because of his attitude..he does not pay my taxi fee and doesn't care on my safety..to take a bus u need to walk damp far.and i had test him to send me home as my home to his place is only 15 min.he refuse..he doesn't care on my safety..just imagine a girl have to go back alone nearly night at a place that she doesn't familiar..he know my condition..i said to him DON'T EVER CALL ME.I'M NOT INTERESTED WITH UR 800.JUST FIND OTHERS..I HAD PAY FOR THIS STUPID EXPERIENCE AND U GIVE ME DAMP BAD IMPRESSION..serve him right..patutla xde org nk keje ngan dia.angkat tel dia, interview org dia, buat surat dia..padan muka...BUT I'M KINDA SAD coz he make me feel bad on the career that i love before..patutla org ckp lawyer ni putar belit..i meet one...damp teribble..


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