Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

31 Mar 2011

movies, bowling and eating..thanks guys..

at first, it was really formal..
i'm wearing blazer to meet the officer at MPSPK..
so do my friend..
we look like them..
so funny..totally formal...thank god they entertain us..
insyaallah if god will, the talk will be conduct on 6/4/2011
really hope this happen (our 5 percent mark there)

next is bowling..
just play 2 of us..2 others went to mcd.
don't ask the result..(i'm lose..seyes x reti main)
totally ashamed..

hehhee..next is movie time.
for of us really find that the movie is bored..
luckily the ticket only 5 ringgit..

then we have some fun lepak at the stall eating roti jala 
my friend try bakso and i try nasi goreng special (x special pun)
i also try jus cinta( they put asam boi inside ..ok la)

kinda fun today...=)

p/s: mum call and ask me to go to KL next week..sorry mum i have class..
my weekend is 3 days this week..=) ( will finish csc and LG)
mum make me laugh when said that people who stalk you is jealous with my princess..
"princess,you're charming and adorable...surely people get jealous.."
soooo sweet mama..DANKE SCHON....=)

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