Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

meine Freunde

26 Feb 2011

am i happy?

supposely hari ni, sy study ethics
esok quiz..
but don't know why, i'm  not in mood..
teruk kan...
my friend mintak sy upload note ethics
hurm sorry la..now xde mood
insyaallah la kalau sy buat mlm2 nanti..

got a friend request from somebody
quite interesting
i found "gorgeous pic"
honestly, that pic does not make me angry
but the reason behind the pic..
OMG i really need to cold down..

sometimes i just wonder..
am i really happy?
are you happy with me?
boleh ke bahagia?
tp knp skrg dah x segembira dulu?????

maybe i'm not the best.,,
maybe i'm not satisfy you..
maybe i love u too much..
you're free to decide..

silence does not give any answer....

p/s: merapu je time sedih..=(
mum buy me new shoes..=) (nk bodek suh balik rumah la tu)

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